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Executive Committee Members:
President: Chung-Tien Lin (Taiwan)
Immediate Past President: Gil Ben-Shlomo (Deceased; USA)
Secretary: Allyson Groth (Australia)
Treasurer:  David Maggs (USA)

Board Members:
Bianca Martins (USA)
Alexandra Trbolova (Slovak Republic)

“The Globe”

Co-Chief Editors: Claudio Peruccio (Italy) and Bianca Martins (USA)

Editorial Board Members:
Paulo Barros (Brazil)
Bernard Clerc (France)
Kristina Narfström (Sweden)
Akihiko Saito (Japan)
Sandra van der Woerdt (USA)

The ISVO Board is deeply saddened to convey news of the passing of our President, Dr. Gil Ben-Shlomo. Gil joined the ISVO as our webmaster and social media manager in 2012 – a time when the ISVO had absolutely no digital presence. As such, he built from the ground up, a website and Facebook page that continue to serve our international community so well today. He then joined the ISVO Board in 2015 and became our President in 2019.

Gil will be remembered as a passionate educator and role model, especially for those from countries where veterinary ophthalmology is still in its more foundational stages. He was a generous host of international visitors at Iowa State University and, more recently, at Cornell University where he had already hosted or was scheduled to host 5 of our 20 ISVO scholars. He was a major motivational force and always an “ideas man” within the ISVO, as comfortable reaching out to potential sponsors in industry as he was providing words of encouragement to those wondering about a career in ophthalmology. His lectures and labs on the international CE circuit were always sell-outs with attendees commenting equally as much about the personal kindness that Gil showed them while pausing for coffee as they did about the technical skills and knowledge he conveyed to them. At the time of his death, he was working on important changes within the ISVO that the Board will see to fruition in his honor.

Veterinary ophthalmology has lost not only a truly international expert but a person with a big heart. Our thoughts are with his wife, Anna, and his 2 daughters, Roni and Noam.